Unlock Exclusive Opportunities: Top Visa Sponsorship Care Worker Jobs in Australia 2024

Are you looking for jobs as a care worker? Do you enjoy supporting senior Australians? It’s your fantastic opportunity. In Mandurah, Washington, Bethanie Group is seeking a compassionate and skilled caregiver. Join them if you want a fulfilling career and appreciate providing care for others! They are improving life for senior citizens and the communities in which they live. Put in an application for this part-time job and change lives.

Job Summary

Working as a Care Worker gives you the chance to help people in Australia. Part-time employment is available, with the shift covering 10:15 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. at the 60-bed aged care facility. Checking care plans, assisting with food and laundry, taking care of yourself, and maintaining cleanliness are some of your responsibilities. If you have at least a year of equivalent experience, and you share Bethanie’s beliefs, you’ll be a huge help in making sure residents are happy and well.

Company overview

Benthanie Group’s mission is to improve the quality of life for senior citizens in Australia and the communities in which they live. They are committed to providing excellent instruction, resources, and assistance. Bethanie wants the members of their team to have fulfilling careers. As a Bethanie Care Worker, you will assist residents at the Bethanie Peel Aged Care Facility by fostering relationships and ensuring that everyone is secure and treated with dignity.

Qualifications for Education:

Candidates for the Caregiver position must have at least 12 months of prior experience working in a residential aged care facility.


Candidates for the Caregiver position must have at least 12 months of prior experience working in a residential aged care facility.
Workplace Prerequisites:

The following are the requirements for candidates applying for the Caregiver position:

  • Believe in the objectives and tenets of Bethanie Group.
  • It is advantageous to be familiar with ICare software or comparable computer programs.
  • Be ready to acquire necessary immunizations and pass a background check.

Work Assignment:

  • The following are among the responsibilities of the Caregiver position for candidates:
  • Verify care plans to ensure people receive the resources they require.
  • Provide services on schedule and with security.
  • Offer considerate and courteous assistance with personal hygiene.
  • Keep the area tidy and the rooms of the occupants clean.

Pay and Perquisites:

The monthly pay for the caregivers is $15,899. The Bethanie Group is able to sponsor visas for foreign nationals. There are numerous advantages, including savings in retail stores, banking, and insurance, among many others. The good news for all candidates is that work is allowed and these positions are full-time.

How Do I Apply?

Candidates who are interested in Caregiver employment and wish to work with Bethanie Group must meet all job requirements. Candidates for a caregiver post must create a curriculum vitae and submit all necessary paperwork. These must be filed electronically via the official Bethanie Group website. The candidates must possess a clean, well-maintained clearance certificate in the nation.

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