365 Days with Self Discipline PDF Book

365 Days with Self Discipline PDF Book

How to develop self-control and become more successful (365 powerful thoughts from the best

minds in the world). Without it, you will struggle to lose weight,

stay in shape, get up early, work productively and save money. Not accepting it in your daily life means you won’t be able to reach your full potential.

Ignoring it will inevitably lead you to regret and lament how successful and amazing your life will be if you decide to pursue it. What is this powerful thing?

self training. And if there is anything that is not self-discipline, it is instantaneous.

It takes months (if not years) to develop strong self-discipline that protects you from impulsive decisions, laziness, procrastination, and inactivity.

365 Days with Self Discipline PDF Book
365 Days with Self Discipline PDF Book

You need to exercise self-control, 365 days a year. What if you had a partner who reminded you every day to train and persevere through hard times?

365 Days with Self-Discipline is a practical and accessible guide to adopting greater self-discipline in your daily life.

You’ll learn how to do it with 365 simple everyday ideas from the world’s smartest people, expanded and commented on by bestselling personal development author Martin Meadows.

This book is not just an inspirational book. Most of the items provide practical suggestions that you can apply immediately to further refine your life.

Why it is easy to live a hard life (other suggestions from successful entrepreneurs and long-lived scientists) –

How to overcome resistance and early delays, based on the words of one of the most famous figures of the Renaissance; –

Why it is important to see problems as obstacles rather than obstacles, according to influential neurosurgeons (and how to solve them) –

How to adopt an experimental mindset to overcome your fear of failure (a skill recommended by successful entrepreneurs and musicians) –

How to quit smoking the smart way, according to world-renowned marketing experts – How to be more productive at work by applying the advice of one of the most successful mystery writers;

– How the tricks the author uses can help you find the first steps needed to get you closer to your goal.

How to maintain long-term self-discipline by paying attention to what best-selling non-fiction writers say you need to survive and thrive;

How the most common thoughts can thwart your efforts (another valuable insight from one of the most

respected Roman Stoics). If you’re finally ready to change your life and embrace self-discipline, not just

for the next 365 days, but for the rest of your life,

buy this book now and work towards success together!