Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu

Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu

Hello friends! Welcome to Discovery Urdu Will you be seeing Kosis and Malhun Hatun’s character less in the new season? Why weren’t these two characters present when filming started?

Will Bala Khatun’s character be a guest on a few episodes of the season? Which main characters from the Mendirman Jaloliddin series became part of the Kuruluş Osman series cast?

Selahuddin Eyyubi

Are the reports of the new season not issued in the first week of October correct? When will the explosive trailer series start? What other important names have been added to the series’ cast?

Apart from this, many important information will be shared with you in today’s article. Kuruluş Osman series Currently leading the historical race of the series Many greats have been portrayed on screen since history but no one can replace the kuruluş series Osman

After the Diriliş Ertuğrul series, Kuruluş Osman is credited with the success of the historical series. Thus, at this time, three important historical series are ready to be shown on the screen, some series have even released trailers,

but Kuruluş Osman will be the last in the series as always, but the news about the new season of this series is also disturbing in the hearts.

Since they heard the news of the start of filming, fans have been watching the series with surprising names coming out of the actors and then introducing the new actors as characters from the series has been a source of excitement for fans but these new pictures also caused a lot of confusion again,

Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu
Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu

Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun became a topic Discussion Kuruluş Osman’s team has shared photos while releasing the news of the new season’s shooting of the main characters of the series. They were seen in it but Malhun Hatun was not shown so, fans expressed their deep concern about it.

Show then what is the ultimate reason for not coming Kosis? Then this news spread quickly also that the next season will be the last season of Bala Hattun but will be part of a few episodes and after that his role will end.

They have always been careful about the topic of Bala Hatun, they don’t want this character to be wronged, so will the incident itself limit Bala Hatun’s role? A lady was seen in the joint photos with the shooting announcement but not Malhun Khatun.

Hence the various rumors of making the rounds that might not be seen at the start of the season and it was previously discussed that the ATV promotion is focused on Malhun Hatun and not on Bala Hatun. This doesn’t need much discussion.

Fans of Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun watch this more than Usman Bey, which one appears more on screen? There is no major reason why Malhun is absent from the shooting announcement,

we have already informed you that she is late to the set due to personal engagements and there is no chance of Malhun Hatun being sidelined for some time or she will have less screen time The trailer that comes out before

the new season will show a glimpse of Malhun Hatun and put out the flames flaming.

On the other hand, Bala Khatun fans also created a brawl after a few days and Bala Khatun fans start a separate fight over her character while nothing happened in the series, the actress will only be a part of a few episodes in the new series.