Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitle

Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitle

Apart from this, information about the new characters is being given by the series Epik Karapınar and

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Nihat Altınkaya emerged as Viking leaders They are introduced as Olof and Frigg Which are said to be quite dangerous Olaf was a dangerous and famous commander in Constantinople.

Kurulus Osman

Whose terror was spread in every corner Frigg will also be a dangerous warrior Which will create fear in the hearts of enemies Especially the appearance of both of them,

but also of their entire group, surprised the fans Which look like characters from a Hollywood movie If you have watched the Viking series and the Game of Thrones movie,

Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 16 in Urdu Subtitle by History Play

you must have remembered all those scenes after seeing these characters. Which have passed by your eyes a long time ago One of the reasons for this is that Mehmet Buzdağ is very much influenced by these two masterpieces.

We told you earlier that the producer has also talked about how he can come up with content even better than Game of Thrones.

While we have already seen glimpses of it When the role of Kongar came up in Kuruluş Osman Who closely resembled a character from the Viking series.

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Now the Vikings themselves have come forward in the series Which is believed to be the climax of the action of the series In the beginning,

Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitle
Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitle

Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 16 in Urdu Subtitle by Vidtower

some dangerous Viking raids will be shown In which they will be successful And Osman Bey will also be shocked by this enemy By adding a theme to the series that has already gained worldwide attention.

Efforts are being made to make the series more successful When will the upcoming trailers for the new season be airing? Will talk about it.

But first let’s come to an important topic The two sons of Osman Bey are being discussed so far We know that in the past kuruluş Osman has distorted many historical events in the series.

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But now since it was said that the real story will begin from now So historical errors were not expected The difference between Osman Bey and his brothers was shown.

Which was not recorded in history And the same impression is given about his children Alaeuddin Bey’s facial expression was shown to be somewhat different when Orhan Bey received Karachaisar.

Fort Who confused everyone Now once again that power struggle will be shown to everyone Which is not recorded anywhere in history.

This big mistake is not expected from kuruluş Osman’s team Because examples of both sons of Isman Bey are recorded in history.

That they were not fighting for the throne Rather, things were settled very amicably Now the situation is such that such impressions are being given to increase the interest of the series.

At present, it is likely that both the brothers will be missing from the scene Orhan Bay will go to Karachaisar And Alaeddin Bey said at the end of last season that he wants to go to Konya to study.

So he will go there or else he will appear to Sheikh Edabali in Belçik Castle And the series will focus entirely on Osman Bey’s story instead of the two children.

Historical events are properly depicted by assigning Karachaisar to Orhan Bey and Belçik to Sheikh Edabali. Hence, it is unlikely that the series on the other hand will give the opposite impression.

And the difference between the two brothers should be shown against history Many new historical and fictional events are going to unfold in the new season.

But at this time, everyone’s eyes are focused on the war incident That is the battle of Köhynisar Which is being considered.

That will be the first big battle of the upcoming season The action packed scenes seen in the trailer They predate this war.

After that, the emperor will send an army under the leadership of Commander Muzalon towards Yenişehir which would have the support of all the major Byzantine governors.

It should be remembered that the emperor’s son was also present in this war This war will be won by Osman Bey.

But till now the fans are surprised to bring up Commander Muzalon Calm down some characters

will have a surprise entry.These will include characters like Commander, Osman Bey’s historical Alps.

and Ahmed Alp The secondtrailer of the new season will be out in a day

or two While the episode will be aired on October 5. How excited are you about the new season?

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