Alparslan Episode 36 in Urdu Subtitle by Vidtower

Alparslan Episode 36 in Urdu Subtitle by Vidtower

I was going to kill an innocent person. When my brother left, the feet became the head, my father He will be the messenger to Çağrı Bey,

they helped me no doubt Ok Truth open fire out a you won’t take another step, horses [Music] Welcome to the Seljuk dynasty channel Who is vasfur Hakan in the bloody revolution.

Alparslan brain will prevent in your absence that the order of the qualification Rakan is broken Gevher Hatun, who noticed, thanked his ancestor,

Mr. the messenger said he would wipe it as he said If he sends a messenger, Selcan Hatun and Çağrı Bey vasfur will come to Hakan and bloody The other possibility will prevent the revolution. As we said in our previous video like cart about this scene in the next episode.

We can watch flashbacks You too Write your opinion in the comment section don’t forget to take care of yourself thick.

There have been huge calls for him to be featured in the Kurulus Osman series But they were of no use Keeping in mind the wishes of the fans, he was cast as Sultan Alp Arsalan in the film Malazgarat 1071.

Alparslan Episode 36 in Urdu Subtitle by Vidtower
Alparslan Episode 36 in Urdu Subtitle by Vidtower

His looks alone were enough to captivate the fans But unfortunately the movie could not be released on time due to not getting a suitable opportunity.

Ever since it was decided that Cengiz Coşkun will play the role of an important historical Sultan Yavuz Selim Fans are finding it difficult to control their emotions.

This is the real reason for the fans’ curiosity Even though the series was announced so long ago, why has the shooting of the series not started yet?

The latest news about the shooting of the series has also come out Will talk about them too But first we will talk about which important names have been included in the cast of the series.

The hero and heroine of the series had been announced long ago Cengiz Coşkun will play the role of Sultan Selim.

And Hazal Filiz will be seen as his wife and mother Sultan Ayesha Hafsa Sultan Apart from this, other big names have come up Edip Zeydan, who appeared as the popular character Dumrul Alp in the Dirilis Ertugrul series, is also part of the cast.

Aydan Şener, Murat Arkın, and then Yıldırım Memişoğlu have also been part of this series. Another important name is Yaşin Obuz Bilal Kalyoncu has announced it himself.

That yaşın obuz will appear in the series as a very close ink of Sultan Selim Bilal Kalonjo gave all this information during his visit to Amsya On this occasion too, he mentioned Edip Zeydan’s involvement in the series.

And Yaşın Obuz said that when he was offered by the series So he decided not to cut his hair and beard And that he has been practicing horse riding

and swordsmanship for about a month and a half Mehmet Sarı, the mayor of Amasya, invited the producer and screenwriter.

And announced to fully support them The series which will focus on the life of the 9th Ottoman Sultan

Yavuz Selim Fans are very interested to know about its shooting too According to the first news of the

shooting of the same series, the shooting was

supposed to start by the end of November