Destan Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu

Destan Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitle

Hello Friends! Welcome to Discovery Urdu Has the character of Alaeddin Bey disappeared forever in Kuruluş Osman series? Will the series focus on Osman Bey’s only son, Orhan Bey? Will Alauddin never return from konya? Will we be unable to see more children of Osman Bey?

What changes will the new season bring? What major events will be part of the first episode? What were the last words spoken by Akça Koça Osman Bey’s historical companion? To fulfill that, Osman Bey and Orhan Bey also pushed hard Apart from this,

Kuruluş Osman series has put its fans in a strange dilemma Every passing day is increasing the anxiety of the fans Long-awaited fans are getting disappointed Because kuruluş Osman series team is not releasing any explosive news to relieve their boredom

Fans were expecting kuruluş Osman series to give a surprise after the new season preview of rival historical series Alp Arsalan was released. But their expectation could not be fulfilled And there is no news from kuruluş Osman series Like every year,

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu

kuruluş Osman series team is fasting for the chip this time as well And in the traditional style, this time will probably be the last to step on the screen But the news of the start of shooting has not been released yet While all the set work is almost completed Maybe this time there are plans to keep this news a secret

Whether or not to release any news regarding the shooting of the series The new season will be launched in the first week of October by releasing the trailer of the season next month But at the same time many more questions are also swirling in the minds of the fans Some scenes from the last season have made fans think that How will the new season turn the story?

Indeed, the series has shown a great friendship between Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun Their love for each other’s children is also amazing The historical importance of both roles cannot be denied But it would not be wrong to say that the subject of Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun has divided the fans of Kuruluş Osman series into two groups.

Destan Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitle
Destan Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitle

And last season has fueled the debate as it winds down In the season finale, we learn that Alauddin Bey will be going to the madrassa And for the purpose of education he has to stay there for a long time And Orhan Bey will appear on the battlefield with Osman Bey Fans are wondering if Alaeddin Bay will not return

They are worried that this character will disappear There is no doubt that Orhan Bey will be seeing more screen time Compared to him, Alauddin will see very little of him With a sword in his hand, Orhan Bey will try to advance his claim, establish justice and spread the name of Allah throughout the world.

Because he will be the successor of Osman Bey And after that he will manage the state So the series will attract everyone towards his character If Orhan Bey and Holofira were married in the If kuruluş Osman series So it will be highlighted more

Throughout this period we will get to know the dialogue of other characters in the series That Alauddin is getting higher education And he wants to power the Ottoman Empire with the power of the pen It is possible that Alauddin Bey will be introduced soon in the upcoming season After the time gap when Orhan Bey was shown young

So then there are chances of Alauddin Bey coming forward Also some people are making such claims That the next season will bring up a 10-year gap And Orhan Bey will be shown young Keep in mind that it is not possible to spend ten years even in the next season Major Ottoman conquests and wars in these ten years cannot be ignored

The series may show an interval of a few months or as much as a year Such a long time gap is not possible In a historical series it is not possible to leave out important events by doing so Now when these two sons of Osman are the subject of discussion

At the same time, everyone’s question is whether only these two sons of Osman Bey will be seen in the series And Orhan Bay will be the focus This cannot be expected from a historical series That they will not bring out the big historical characters

Thus Osman Bey had 7 children with Malhun Hatun But currently only two have come forward At least two more of his sons will be introduced in the upcoming season But the character of all the seven sons of Osman Bey will be part of the series from now on

It is too early to say so It is possible that we know of their children during Orhan Ghazi’s reign or later in the same series. That they are on an expedition or have gone somewhere for education and training Coming to an important topic

You will certainly not be unfamiliar with the character of Akça Koça Because everyone’s interest about this historical soldier is quite high Earlier, the interest of the fans was also gauged by showing the character of Akça çoban in the series But in the upcoming season,

the original historical character Akça Koca will be entered And that would be the character of a mighty warrior Which will be seen in different wars It is not surprising that Osman Bey’s soldier was brave and courageous But his dreams were quite different Somewhere along the line,

he also had big dreams like Osman Bey Dreamed of great victories that took years to achieve This must have reminded you of the role of Akça çoban Whose dream was great victories And he had it all planned out The victory of Iznik was the dream of Akça Koça To fulfill that,

Osman Bey and Orhan Bey had put a lot of pressure Taking part in many victories and also in the siege of Iznik, Akça Koça showed great courage But he could not see his great victory However, Iznik was heavily besieged many times But this did not succeed in the life of Akça Koça And then Akça Koça also spoke of the victory of Iznik in his will

After which Orhan Ghazi conquered Iznik in 1331 after the death of Akça Koça Akça Koça’s dream has come true But he was not there to see it Everyone is eager to watch this exciting character in the upcoming season Remember that his role will be seen after a few episodes of the new season or in the middle of the season itself.

Apart from these changes, fans are also focused on how the series will introduce the new season in a new way Has anything changed? The most important thing that we told you is that we have been hearing the name of kayış since the Diriliş Ertuğrul series.

Now they will be called Ottomans Instead of kayış , they will be known as Ottomans This name in the series was introduced in the second season by Kumral Abdal But it will become quite popular in the new season And then at the beginning of the new season,

there will be a sermon named after Osman Bey, battle sieges and new important historical characters Which will get everyone’s attention What scenes of the new season are you most looking forward to?