Destan Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu

Destan Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu

Near underwater mountain summit west of the middle of the Atlantic, Taurus rises from the sadness of a corrupt landscape.

Its creamy walls and carbonate columns are ghost blue in the light of a remote car. They vary from height -sized small batteries to a large one -to -one height, which is found at a height of 60 meters (about 200 feet).

This is a lost city.

Destan Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu

In 2000, discovered by scientists, more than 700 meters (2,300 feet) below the surface, the lost city’s hydro thermal field is the oldest atmosphere of ventilation in the sea. There is nothing more, as it has been found.

At least 120,000 years and perhaps even more, concentration mantle in this part of the world has reacted to the swelling of hydrogen, methane and other gases with seawater, which has dissolved in the sea.

In the cracks and cracks of field ventures, new microbial communities eat new microbial communities without the presence of hydrocarbon oxygen.
The chimney that throws gases hot like 40 ° C (104 ° F), which has a slow and crusade abundance. The largest animals such as crabs, shrimp, marine urchins and eel are rare, but still exist.

Despite the extreme nature of the environment, it seems that it is full of life, and some researchers believe that our focus and protection is worth it.

Selahuddin Eyyubi Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu

Although other hydro thermal fields are present in other parts of the oceans of the world, it is the only one that has been able to find distant vehicles so far.

Hydrocarbon environmental carbon created by lost city locations was not formed by dioxide or sunlight, but by chemical reactions to the deep seas.

Since hydrocarbon is the basic ingredients of life, its leaves open the possibility that life has begun in such a residence. And not just on our own planet.

“This is an example of a type of ecosystem that can be operating in lighting or Europe in this second,” Micro Biologist William Brazilton, citing Santhan and Jupiter’s moons, told Smithsin in 2018.

“And maybe in the past Mars.”

Destan Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu
Destan Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu

Unlike the submarine volcanoes, called Black Smoking, also named after a potential residence, the lost city’s ecosystem does not depend on the heat of magma.

Black smokers mainly manufacture iron and sulfur minerals, while the lost city’s chimney produces 100 times more hydrogen and methane.

The losing city’s calcitis vent is also very high, which is much larger than black smokers, suggest that they are longer dynamic.
After the Greek god of the sea, the most monopoly is called Posidon, and its height is more than 60 meters.

Meanwhile, in the northeast of the tower, there is a mountain with short activity blasts. Researchers at the University of Washington describe the ventures here as ‘crying’ with liquid so that “a group of delicate growth of several carbonates that are outwardly spread like the fingers of the hands.”

Unfortunately, scientists do not just call through this extraordinary field.

In 2018, it was announced that Poland had the rights to evacuate the deep sea around the lost city. Although there are no valuable resources that are detected in the real thermal field itself, the unwanted results of the destruction of the city’s environment can be yielded.
Scientists have warned that any mining dynamic can easily wash the remarkable residence.

Therefore, some experts are asking that the lost city has been listed as a World Heritage Place, to protect the natural surprise before it is too late.

For tens of thousands of years, the lost city has become a testimony to the sustainable power of life.