Destan Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu

Destan Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu

Psilocybin, hallucinogen behind the trippy effects of “magical fungi” can help people with alcohol consumption disorder to reduce or stop drinking when they take the drug together with therapy.

In a recent clinical trial, whose results were published on Wednesday (August 24) in Jama Psychiatry magazine, people with alcohol dependence received two doses of psilocybin or a placebo medication, specifically, diphenhydramine (benadryl), which would not be Wait for the symptoms of the participants.

Once a different condition is considered, alcohol dependence now falls under the widest classification of alcohol consumption disorder, a medical condition characterized by a deteriorated capacity to stop or control alcohol consumption despite social, occupational or occupational consequences For adverse health.

Destan Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu

In addition to medicines, all participants were offered psychotherapy sessions. Four between the first and the second dose; And at four of the month after treatment.

Both treatment groups reduced their alcohol consumption in the 32 -week trial, but the group giant psilocybin improved more dramatically.

The excessive consumption rate of alcohol consumption in the psilocybin group decreased by approximately 83 percent compared to pretreatment levels, compared to a drop of approximately 51 percent in the placebo group.

Eight months after receiving them first in dose, 48 percent of the psilocybin group had stopped drinking completely, compared to the perception of the placebo group.

“I stopped drinking just after my first psilocybin session. 24.” This eliminated all my cravings. “
The therapeutic effects of psilocybin and therapy were “considerably larger” that report the existing medications used to test alcohol consumption disorder, and it is “remarkable” that the effects were made for engines.

Michael Bogenschutz, lead author of the study and director of the Nyu Langone Center for Psychredelic Medicine, said at the press conference.

“Assuming that these impacts stay in ongoing preliminaries, psilocybin could be a development in the treatment of liquor utilization jumble,” he said.

The idea of ​​using psychodas to deal with alcohol consumption (AUD) dates from the 1960s and 1970 Addiction studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania (UPENN), and Emily Hartwell, UPENN clinical psychologist, who does not encourage family, time in time. Psychiatry.

Destan Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu
Destan Episode 9 in Urdu Subtitle by Discovery Urdu

Although relatively small, these early LSD trials hinted that the travel inducing medicine could help patients reduce their alcohol consumption and avoid the negative consequences of alcohol consumption more effectively than placebo pills or stimulants, such as EFEDRINA or amphetamine. However, the political presidents soon brought such psychiatic investigation to a detainee, Nature News reported.

“The article by Bogenschutz et al.

The new essay included 93 participants, from 25 to 65, who had been diagnosed with alcohol dependence. In the new DSM-5, the condition will be classified as alcohol consumption disorder.

In the 12 weeks prior to detection, participants drain during the days involved, and Dranic largely to more than the days. (Excessive drinking consumption is defined as five or more drinks in one day for men and four or more drinks in one day for women).

Once recruited, the participants were randomly classified into two treatment groups: psilocybin or placebo, and in an anttempl to reduce bias, both the participants and the organizers of the trial were not aware of these tasks.

However, more than 90 percent of participants and supervisory therapists have been administered correctly which medications have been administered, such as the different effects of medicines. This limits the results of the study because

Diffenhydramine can be slightly psychoactive at the doses used in the trial, but Stil placebo is close to imitating the effects that alter the mentality of psilocybin, Bogenschutz said. This lack of appropriate placebos is an inherent challenge of making psychedelic reserves, he added.

The treatment sessions are played weeks apart and were supervised by a team of therapists and media personnel. Participants received a slightly high dose dose during their second session, proven that they agreed to increase.

In the first session, Eople in the Psilocybin Group Received 25 Milligrams per 154 Pounds (70 kilograms) of body weight, and during the second,

The Dose was Eithher 30 mg or 40 mg for the Same Amount of Weight, depending on how intense each participant’s First Trip Had Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been Been .

Several Mild, Short-Lived Side Effects-Including Headache, Nausea, and Anxiousness-Were More Common in the Psilocybin Group Than in the Placebo Group.

That Said, Several Seriously Adverse Events Took Place Outside The Clinic During the Trial and All of these Occurred in the Placebo Group. You are included severe vomiting and psychiatric admissions due to Suicidal Ideation that Happened During Binge Drinking Episodes.

“We Did Not Detect Any Significant Safety Issues Related to Psilocybin,” Bogenschutz Said. However, Because The Drug Raises Blood Pressure and Heart Rate and Can Subtimes Cause incapacitating Psychological Effects, It’s Critical That Patients Take The Drug Only Under Careful Supervision, HE Note.

Trial participants experienced Range of Emots and Perceptual Experiences While on Psilocybin – Sub pleasant, Sub Painful.

Nonetheless, following The Acute Experience of Their Trip, Many Patients in the Placebo Group Reaped Significant Benefits From Taking the Drug, in Combination With Undergoing Therapy.
“It definitely impacted my life, and i’d say it saved my life,” Kostas Said.

But How, Exactly, Does The Treatment Work? “The Truth Is, We Don’t Know,” But Researchers have proposed submissible Explanations, Bogenschutz Said.

Like LSD, Psilocybin Plugs into Structures in the Brain Calleed Serotonin 2a Receivers, Which Appear in High Quantities in Regions of The Wrinkled Cerebral Cortex Involved in High-Level Cognitive Functions, Such as Introspection and Executive Function, Live Science.

IT’s Thought That, By Activating The Receivers, Psychdelics Can Boost Connectivity Between Brain Networks, Allowing Signals to Zip Between Different Brain Areas with Greater Ease that usual.

In the context of depression, it’s though that This Psychdelic-Driven Mechanism May Help People Break out of Rigid, Negative Patterns of Thinking.