Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitle

Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitle

Hello friends! Welcome to Discovery Urdu What explosive surprises did Kuruluş Osman team bring?

What are the big names that have been added to the new season that no one has smelled?

What confusion did the cast’s announcement cause? What were the main historical characters that the series was a part of?

Which great Turkish series actor Kurulus Osman was part of the new season of the series? Who will play the role of Osman’s enemy and who will be his friend?

We will also take a quick look at the story of the new season and we will also talk about whether the kuruluş Osman team has decided not to present the trailer for the new season at this time. Apart from this, many important information will be shared.

Its climax is now the news about the new season is making them more excited Kurulus Osman’s team is adopting a new approach to breaking news because the launch of the new season has started so it becomes impossible to wait for everyone.

Everyone is waiting for this moment now, when the series will premiere for the first time in the new season, and surprisingly these days, rumors are circulating that the new season will not show any trailer.

Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitle
Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitle

The topic is in detail, but the first Corolos Osman talks about the new news coming from the Korolos series. Osman’s team announced the cast of the new season and this news made the fans very happy.

py More than 10 new characters are part of the new season and this is proof that the new season will be delivered in fanfare with great style.

Sad when some of their expectations didn’t come true, fans were eager to see some new faces in the series. He seemed sad to see her in the cast, let’s talk about why that happened.

The actors who joined the series have been officially announced by the kuruluş Osman series team We have already shared almost all of these names with you while one or two new faces have appeared,

the main characters from the big Turkish series will be featured in the Kuruluş Osman series

and will attract everyone’s attention after the interest of her fans.

The Destan series featured Epic Karabinar, who played Kulpan Hahn.

Which was also announced by kuruluş Osman’s cast.

Initially, she was supposed to play Dursun’s wife Fakih but now there is some possibility that she might play the role of the villain in the series,

three new actresses have joined the cast in We have already said about Miray Kaya among them. She can be shown as the daughter of Bey whose story with Actimor Bey will be shown.